Split w/ Thick Skin

by Headwind

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released July 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Headwind Fountain Valley, California


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Track Name: Discontent
Finding the faults in your life
Left with nothing inside

Living discontent

Nowhere to turn
All bridges burned
No where to hide
From what I am inside
I cant explain what ive endured
I am the cause
I am the cure.
Track Name: Left Behind
There's a piece of me that died with you
The remnants have slowly eaten away
At what was left behind
At what you left behind
Its so much less than fair
Life moves on without you here
Its so much less than fair
Life goes on, but you're not here

All that's left is faded memories
Thoughts of what can never be
All that's left is faded memories
Although I've moved on, I'm not done grieving
I'm not done grieving, I'm not done grieving
Track Name: Lines Drawn
Cement dries, graves are filled
There's still a void in this world
With every promise broken or hurt
What good's left on this earth

Where does one draw the line
What's wrong and what's right
It's a hard place to find
Inbetween heart and mind

We can't say its fine
It'll get better in time
We cant call this fair
Track Name: Bleeding Out
Vacant lots of long abandoned minds
Hopelessly grasp for something left behind
Condemned to horrors of a perpetual unknown
A death sentence that was none but your own

You just sit back as you watch your life decay
You don't know it, but your bleeding out
I'll just sit back, as your eyes fade to grey
You dug your own grave, you're bleeding out

Face down, pulse receding
Black out, no more breathing